Orkut Helping people finding solutions to problems

This is just great orkut is not only helping people in socializing with their friends but people are also logging on to share not only their personal problems but also to find solutions for them.

"Orkut has been a great strength of support for me. I had lost all faith in destiny till I logged on to a kidney transplant community where people with similar problems pepped me up by writing down their experiences," says Sarath Kumar from Hyderabad.

Sarath, who is looking out for a kidney donor for himself adds, "They were people who told me what to do, what all precautions I should take and even suggested names of some good doctors that I could get in touch with."

There are many communities on orkut which are not only filling in their members to show off, but they are really and truly helping people which are having the problems and they are collectively finding solutions for it.

Not only do these communities attract a large number of members who indulge in periodical discussions to offer help to the one seeking, many also take part in these discussions as non-members.

"The whole purpose of my community has been to reach out to people who face similar problems. Many of the freshers had joined my community and we discussed everything from anti- ragging rules to how to go about with their admission procedure," says Sashank Nair, who had set up a community for first year under-graduate students.

Source: Sify News


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