Hitting the Wall !

Hey Friends,
I guess many of you may have run marathon race, some may not have, well but i was watching this movie "run fatboy run" in which they said that "there comes a time in the race when u cant breathe and cant run anymore and u just say quit"... but only a few people take another step ahead the wall, and then everything becomes easy,,.. whats the relevance of it on orkut champ, ahhh... i guess in my life , my blogs and my attitude for self improvement i have hit this wall, from the last one month i was taking life causally was not keeping my promises, was not blogging, just eating and watching movies and sleeping, ahhh... for few days it was good then it just starts becoming a very very bad habit. Every time i thought i should blog now, i just got myself starting another movie to watch and gosh.... thats thw way last month have been... but finally i took the courage to get over this wall and start running again, this blog and u have always been with me, i hope to see u guys watch the new look n feel on this blog in few days :)


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