New Friends Map at Orkut

Dear friends, in a spree of many new changes in orkut, the team has added a unique friends map feature in orkut, this feature will display a world map in which your friends will be shown. you can zoom in and out depending upon the concentration of your friends, to access this feature all you need to do is.
Go to the profile of person whose friends map you want to view, now simply click on view friends, and in the middle of his friends and mutual friends, you will now see this new feature "friends map". This one is very cool feature added by orkut team, we would cross our fingers to see more like this coming soon.
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Orkut applications coming soon, its official now

Hey friends, a few days back i posted about Orkut applications to go public, now Official Orkut Blog has also confirmed this news and posted about this...

Official Orkut Blog:

Back in November, we announced that orkut was open to developers. Developers have been building exciting new social applications over the last few months that will make the orkut experience even better. This is why we're excited to announce that apps will be available to a subset of orkut users starting in a couple weeks, and to all orkut users several weeks after that.

So we might just have to wait for few weeks more to get these great orkut applications to play with... we can wait this much... as we are quite busy orkuting... right friends! Click Here to Read more!

Hack to Add More than 1000 Friends on Orkut

Thanks to the New Group Friend Manage feature on orkut, hack to add more than 1000 friends on orkut is working again. So if you are very famous on orkut and have reached the 1000 limit, do not worry, now you can add more friends too... how? just follow these few simple steps :)

> Go to This page :
>> In the field Email Address to Invite, Write the email address of your friends on orkut whom you have still not added or cannot add because you have reached the limit. (please note that the email address should be the one which they have used to create their account and which is usually the one which you found on their profile page).

>> Write your message.
>> Enter the Captcha .
>> Click Submit

> Now you will see the following when they are accepted and you just choose the category and click yes to add them as friend.
Kindly Note that this bug can be fixed any time, so use it till the time it is available, you might also like to subscribe to us for receiving these hacks on time.

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Manage Your Friends Easily on Orkut

Friends, I have been facing a little problem, i think a serious feature was missing from orkut which would help us in organizing our orkut accounts, because many of my school and college friend's name are same, just today orkut added this new feature which have solved my this problem lately and have made organizing friends very easier, as i have been saying in my previous posts that 2008 will be the year for many new orkut modifications and voila i just love this new feature for managing friends. Here is what Official Orkut Blog have to say about this...

Friend groups have been on orkut for some time now, but we're now making them more accessible throughout the site to make it easier for you to create new groups or add new friends to them. Here's what's changed: when you add a new friend or accept a friend request, you can now select which group(s) you want to add them to. You can also modify these groups (rename them, remove them or add new ones) either when you add or accept a friend, or on the friend management page. And we've turned friendship levels into groups for you, so that you can send messages to all your best friends, or see all the friends on orkut that you haven't met offline yet.

These guys at orkut are surely working at their best to give us all improved orkuting and latest features to manage our friends and social networking, my sincere wishes and hats off to these guys... they rock :)

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Orkut Applications soon to go public

Well as i have mentioned in my previous posts that 2008 stores many new changes for the orkut. This is about to be true with google planning to release many applications that were being tested on Orkut Sandbox,
Official Google Blog

Starting this month, we're enabling developers to make their social applications available to orkut users. We'll start ramping up to more than 50 million people over the next few weeks.

To prepare for this growth, we're now accepting social applications. For a while now, developers have been able to write, test, and play with applications on orkut. Later this month, however, we're going to start rolling them out to orkut users. OpenSocial developers can submit their completed applications.

Well it would definitely be very interesting to see many new applications for the orkut, the site which really rocks the world!!!
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Orkut Trends now Rank the State of Orkuters

Well friends,we all wonder how many people from the world are on orkut, well sometime we wonder how many people from our state are on orkut. A question came up in the orkut trends community: What is the distribution of orkut users among the different states in the US?
and according to Official Orkut Blog, the results are:
No.1 California - 20% of US orkuters
2. New York - 11 %
3. Florida - 8 %
4. Texas - 7 %
5. Massachusetts
Rounding out the top ten were New Jersey -- referred to by some as "Joisey" -- at 6%, my home state of Illinois (4%), Georgia (2.5%), Pennsylvania (2.5%) and Virginia (2.4%). Other states making up more than 1% of our US user base were Washington (2.3%), Michigan (2%), Ohio (2%), Connecticut (1.9%), Maryland (1.7%), North Carolina (1.6%), Arizona (1.4%), Minnesota (1.1%), and Colorado (1%). Least represented were the sparsely populated states of North Dakota (.07%), South Dakota (.07%), and Wyoming (.06%).

Interesting stats, may they roll out one for India too...
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Upload Photos Easily on Orkut - Officially Now

Friends, remember that i made a tutorial about UPLOAD MULTIPLE PHOTOS On ORKUT now Official Orkut Blog have also posted about this feature here is what they have said
Official Orkut Blog

Back from a vacation? Had a party? Surely you must have a ton of photos to share with your orkut friends. Well, we're happy to tell you that we've made sharing those photos with your orkut friends even easier. We have increased the photo limit, so now you can share up to 1,000 photos, and made the upload experience faster for Internet Explorer users.

If you're on orkut with Internet Explorer, click on the link for "New! Upload multiple photos" on your albums page. It takes you through an instructions page for installing the application needed to upload multiple photos at once.

Well its seems that we were proactive on this feature than orkut blog, nice going for us, lets keep it going :) Click Here to Read more!

Save your orkut account from being hacked

Many of us do search on how to save our orkut passwords from being hacked, but for this purpose my friends we should know how they actually gets hacked yes this may stream strange, but in India there is a filmy saying "zehar hi zehar ko marta hai", which means poison can be cured by poison only, so for saving our accounts from being hacked we should actually first know how to hack an orkut account. I was searching some stuff on youtube when i actually got this video, which i would like to share all of you and i hope you also learn about how our accounts got hacked! Ya i know its little geeky but i guess we all have some kind of technical knowledge :)

Credit for this video goes to the video creator, thanks a bunch to him, I hope you like this video and if you did why not you comment about it :)
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Confirmation Before Visiting to External Links at Orkut

This feature will surely add more security for orkut users which will ask them to be sure if they want to visit an external link posted, if they do not want this they can easily cancel it...
This feature will also provide benefit from posts which contain auto links to virus or spywares sites which are currently infecting many orkut users because of carelessness on our part!!!
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Upload Multiple Photos at Orkut

Orkut is the best social networking site on the net and they prove it again, to help the users in uploading photos they have launched a multiple photos uploader, which lets you upload 100 photos at a time, which is the maximum allowed at orkut...So if you would like to upload 20-25 photos at a time for one album its no problem at all buddy. This feature will not only help people to share their photos easily and fast it will also allow the tagging work easy!!! Here's how to add this feature in your account...
NOTE: This Feature Will Work Perfectly in Internet Explorer.
Step 1. You should go to any of your Album, You will now see something like thisJust Click on Upload Multiple Photos.

Step 2. It will take you to a page like this a pop up will appear and you should just click on install button, and after installing when you will click add images button you will see this screen. Congratulations my friend you are done...
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Last Login Feature Added

Wow, Orkut Team is all set to add more feature to orkut this year than they did in 2007. The latest feature added by them is Last Login Feature...

This feature will be helpful to see whether someone other than you accessed your orkut account and will also prove useful to see if anybody have your password, if you happen to see that it is showing the last login time at which you have not login on orkut, " This should be taken as RED SIGNAL and you should change your password immediately!"

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Content Privacy in Communities to Block Non Members from Viewing your Content

Well its your community you have worked very hard for making it and reaching it to the level it has reached now, you have sufficient members now who come to your community for the content posted in it, well google now enables you to make your community's content visible only to your members.
Yes now community members can restrict the non members from viewing the content posted in the community, but it does not restrict in any way the members of the community to access the content in any way, if used in the right way this option will provide increase in the no. of members to the communities and community owners will be able to get more control over their communities.
If you own any communities Here's How you can do this:
Go to Your Community.
Now go to Edit Profile Option
Here you will see this option as shown in this pic.Now if you want to keep the content open to non members leave it as it is and if you want to hide it select the hidden option and save it, and you are done my friend...

Official Orkut Blog Says:

A wise man once said "Privacy is the condition of being left alone, out of public view, and in control of information that is known about you." Here at orkut, we're keeping up with your requests for additional privacy controls. We recently added new features that allow orkuteers to limit viewership of photos, videos, testimonials and scrapbook to friends.Based on your feedback, we've decided to go even further to empower the owners of communities to choose whether to make their community content private or public. The additional privacy control we've added allows you to make your community an enclosed entity so that you can discuss whatever you want within its walls (of course, content must abide by orkut community standards and policies), resting assured that only members can view your discussions, forums, and events. Have you ever thought of creating a community poll like "Who is the best teacher at your school?", but stopped yourself from doing it because the teachers might actually see it? Or perhaps you wanted to create a community to keep in touch with family, but didn't want to share your family events and posts with the whole orkut community? While communities are a great place to meet new people who share your interests, we understand that the current structure of communities sometimes makes it difficult to have intimate discussions with a select group of people. We hope that the introduction of private communities will fill this need.

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Orkut Privacy Tips from Orkut Buyukkokten - The Creater

Orkut have changed in many ways and this is what the creater of orkut himself pointed out well, that now a days with the amount of information shared on orkut, the need for privacy is all much more improved and now he have issued an video on how everyone can ensure better privacy on orkut.
Official Orkut Blog Writes

Orkut isn't the same social networking site that it used to be. When I created the site, there was less information to share and there were fewer sharing controls. Since, we've added ways for users to upload photos and post videos, include friend updates on user homepages, and send and receive scraps. To help you manage what you post on the site, and what you share with whom and when, we recently launched some new sharing features that give users control over who gets to see their photos, videos, testimonials, and scraps.

In order to walk you through these changes and to continue educating our users about their privacy choices, I filmed this brief video tutorial, orkut style. As the video shows, keeping information private - or just between your closest friends - is easy and safe. And when you've got something that you want the entire orkut community to discover, then allowing everyone to see your profile or your photos is also just a few clicks away.

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Orkut Captcha hack for sending links

Well how many times we have been annoyed for sending a few links to our friends and have faced the problem of filling up captcha again and again... but not any more now we can send links without any captcha filling on orkut ...
Captcha filling is employed by websites to stop spam, but with this hack spammers will be having a fun day at orkut.
Here's how to do it pal...
2. Edit the 'your link' in the link with the one you want to send and paste them in your scraps.
3. Do NOT remove the six slashes before
4. Enjoy Sending the links without filling the word verification

Note: 'http://' wont work, 'www' works flawlessly.

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Sorry for No posts in mean time

hey friends,
I am extremely sorry for posting no new posts in this past week, actually my semester exams were going on, therefore i could not find any time for posting the material, hope you dont mind it!
Well no problem i am well back in the full form, ready to rock and roll again, so lets get it started. Click Here to Read more!