Orkut Mass Friend Adder - New Working

Ok now this one is specially for those orkut users who like to add lots n lots of friends, this mass friend adder is a simple script, which directly open the add as friend page, whenever you view a profile of some one else which is not ur friend, as simple as that! If the person is already in your friend list it will show already added! You can install it for a short time if you want to add a lots of friends, like a community filled with your classmates etc. you can disable or uninstall it after it.


1. Firefox Browser ( If you don't have it you can download it from top downloads link above)

2. Greasemonkey Installed : You also need greasemonkey extension installed in your firefox browser. (Learn how to install Greasemonkey in Firefox)

Now we are all set Follow these simple instructions:

Click Here to Install (thanks to Author for this script)

Thats it my friend....


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meenarst said...

How to uninstall this scritp(mass friend adder and it is not working on more than 1000 friends i tried it.plse reply

Deepak Arora said...

ok to uninstall it right click the monkey face in firefox browser, go to manage user scripts,
then select the chosen script to uninstall and just click on uninstall and press ok... i hope this helps...

Dr Hassan Hanif said...


Anonymous said...

hello how can i install this software and how can i work from this please explain me about the procedure and rpy me

meraj... said...

i hv install orkut mass adder but its not wor pls tell me all about it

Sourabh said...

hello i have installed the script succesfully what to do next wher r the other steps plz reply me...dude

himani said...

you r right fellas...its not working...even after installing everything...
i was wondering...if anyone cud be of any help..


Dale E. Moore said...

It's sad that "Orkut Champ" does not respond to people requesting help in his blog. This has me wondering if "Orkut Champ" is spreading viruses or other mal-ware with his downloads.

But aside from that painful question, I wonder if "Orkut Mass Friend Adder - New Working" will work when Orkut says "Addition of friends has been temporarily disabled"?

Anonymous said...

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robin said...

It's a damp virus the person has put a fucking piece of shit on this blog don't trust him for a single penny.

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raaghu said...

what d fish.. holy shit. notin's workin..!!

Anonymous said...

what d fish.. holy shit.. notin's workin..

Nagesh said...

Not working..please update it

DEEPU said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mr.adminzz said...

not working ......

mr.adminzz said...


João said...

Hi I'm from Brazil, my name is Marcelo and I would like to be added on orkut. I am using a translator to communicate. The link is on my orkut:
http://www.orkut.com.br/Main # Profile? uid = 968831720014461727
Thank you and I would like you to use a translator to communicate. Thanks.

tours india said...

how can i install this software? that is pretty exciting! and very fun thing to do. hahaha.

Antique Glass said...

that is really cool. thanks wanna try it. :)

Sell Antiques said...

very good!

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Kevin Merritt said...

A working updated version can be found at this link. Cheers!


Ahsan said...

hmm thanks for info!

Ahsan said...

hmm thanks for info!

Lalit Gupta said...

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