Orkut Scrap All on Homepage - New Working Version

Hey friends,
In last couple of months one thing which was on rock was scrap all, many people were doing scrap all to your friends for sending wishes and blessing to all of their friends, but suddenly a break have happened and the number of those scrap all have decreased to a significant extent! But here is a solution this is a scrap all script which will put scrap all link in your home page, just like this

So what say friends are you ready to put it in your orkut, just follow these simple steps and you are done!


1. Firefox Browser ( If you don't have it you can download it from top downloads link above)

2. Greasemonkey Installed : You also need greasemonkey extension installed in your firefox browser. (Learn how to install Greasemonkey in Firefox)

Now we are all set Follow these simple instructions:

Click Here to Install (thanks to Author for this script)

Thats it my friend.... You might also like to check out Remove Orkut Virus, New Orkut Black Skin & Powerful Orkut Toolbar also.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

its very fast...

its a nice new way to use orkut without any obstacles.. u will be able to

see anyone's locked scrapbook and album.. u can increase ur fan list and

scraps to whatever value u want...

just go to:


and login and enjoyyyy...

santhosh said...

hai i had done every thing to send scraps to all. added grease monkey and every thing... now i am getting the link to send to all and can send but no one is getting any mail. give me solution

Aadi said...

hey how to scrapall

ipod to computer said...

thank you for posting this, it helped me a lot. THANKS!!