New Friends Map at Orkut

Dear friends, in a spree of many new changes in orkut, the team has added a unique friends map feature in orkut, this feature will display a world map in which your friends will be shown. you can zoom in and out depending upon the concentration of your friends, to access this feature all you need to do is.
Go to the profile of person whose friends map you want to view, now simply click on view friends, and in the middle of his friends and mutual friends, you will now see this new feature "friends map". This one is very cool feature added by orkut team, we would cross our fingers to see more like this coming soon.


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ViruSoul said...

Its New O-:

Hell its 3 year Old yaar O-: q-:

Deepak Arora said...

hey thanks virusould for pointing it out...
sorry my bad , i was not knowing about that feature :)

jaya said...

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