How to install GreaseMonkey in Firefox

How to Install a GreaseMonkey Extension
1.Most extensions can be found on the Mozilla Add-ons website. I’ll be installing the Greasemonkey extension. Greasemonkey is a bit different than other extensions, in that it’s kind of a parent extension. With Greasemonkey installed you’ll be able to install all other kinds of baby extensions (called userscripts) to tweak web sites even more.

2. Click on the install link

Firefox extensions end with the .XPI suffix. When you click on an .XPI file, Firefox knows how to open and install it for you. The official Mozilla Add-ons page shows all of the links with a green Install This button. If you are installing an extension from somewhere else it might look different.

3. Click on the Install Now button

When Firefox recognizes that you are installing an extension it brings up a box asking you if you want to install it. Click Install Now.

4. Restart Firefox to Finish Installation

The installation will not be complete until you restart Firefox. The good news is that Firefox will remember all the pages you are viewing right now, so go ahead and click on the Restart Now button.

thats it... it is simple, isn't it...


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shalvika said...

no, in mine one,it tells the add on is not from a verified author, and it is never installed :(

playboy said...

i can't understand this yaar!!!!