Hack to Add More than 1000 Friends on Orkut

Thanks to the New Group Friend Manage feature on orkut, hack to add more than 1000 friends on orkut is working again. So if you are very famous on orkut and have reached the 1000 limit, do not worry, now you can add more friends too... how? just follow these few simple steps :)

> Go to This page : http://www.orkut.com/Invite.aspx
>> In the field Email Address to Invite, Write the email address of your friends on orkut whom you have still not added or cannot add because you have reached the limit. (please note that the email address should be the one which they have used to create their account and which is usually the one which you found on their profile page).

>> Write your message.
>> Enter the Captcha .
>> Click Submit

> Now you will see the following when they are accepted and you just choose the category and click yes to add them as friend.
Kindly Note that this bug can be fixed any time, so use it till the time it is available, you might also like to subscribe to us for receiving these hacks on time.

This Post is inspired By This WebPage :)


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