Content Privacy in Communities to Block Non Members from Viewing your Content

Well its your community you have worked very hard for making it and reaching it to the level it has reached now, you have sufficient members now who come to your community for the content posted in it, well google now enables you to make your community's content visible only to your members.
Yes now community members can restrict the non members from viewing the content posted in the community, but it does not restrict in any way the members of the community to access the content in any way, if used in the right way this option will provide increase in the no. of members to the communities and community owners will be able to get more control over their communities.
If you own any communities Here's How you can do this:
Go to Your Community.
Now go to Edit Profile Option
Here you will see this option as shown in this pic.Now if you want to keep the content open to non members leave it as it is and if you want to hide it select the hidden option and save it, and you are done my friend...

Official Orkut Blog Says:

A wise man once said "Privacy is the condition of being left alone, out of public view, and in control of information that is known about you." Here at orkut, we're keeping up with your requests for additional privacy controls. We recently added new features that allow orkuteers to limit viewership of photos, videos, testimonials and scrapbook to friends.Based on your feedback, we've decided to go even further to empower the owners of communities to choose whether to make their community content private or public. The additional privacy control we've added allows you to make your community an enclosed entity so that you can discuss whatever you want within its walls (of course, content must abide by orkut community standards and policies), resting assured that only members can view your discussions, forums, and events. Have you ever thought of creating a community poll like "Who is the best teacher at your school?", but stopped yourself from doing it because the teachers might actually see it? Or perhaps you wanted to create a community to keep in touch with family, but didn't want to share your family events and posts with the whole orkut community? While communities are a great place to meet new people who share your interests, we understand that the current structure of communities sometimes makes it difficult to have intimate discussions with a select group of people. We hope that the introduction of private communities will fill this need.

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Ajinkya said...

Can we block specifically one person to view our updates. or vidoes ???