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Orkut have changed in many ways and this is what the creater of orkut himself pointed out well, that now a days with the amount of information shared on orkut, the need for privacy is all much more improved and now he have issued an video on how everyone can ensure better privacy on orkut.
Official Orkut Blog Writes

Orkut isn't the same social networking site that it used to be. When I created the site, there was less information to share and there were fewer sharing controls. Since, we've added ways for users to upload photos and post videos, include friend updates on user homepages, and send and receive scraps. To help you manage what you post on the site, and what you share with whom and when, we recently launched some new sharing features that give users control over who gets to see their photos, videos, testimonials, and scraps.

In order to walk you through these changes and to continue educating our users about their privacy choices, I filmed this brief video tutorial, orkut style. As the video shows, keeping information private - or just between your closest friends - is easy and safe. And when you've got something that you want the entire orkut community to discover, then allowing everyone to see your profile or your photos is also just a few clicks away.


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jitendra kumar said...

plz tell me how to hide scraps

Deepak Arora said...

hi jitendra, you can do that by going to that setting and change your privacy options :)Moreover this video also explains preety much..