Manage Your Friends Easily on Orkut

Friends, I have been facing a little problem, i think a serious feature was missing from orkut which would help us in organizing our orkut accounts, because many of my school and college friend's name are same, just today orkut added this new feature which have solved my this problem lately and have made organizing friends very easier, as i have been saying in my previous posts that 2008 will be the year for many new orkut modifications and voila i just love this new feature for managing friends. Here is what Official Orkut Blog have to say about this...

Friend groups have been on orkut for some time now, but we're now making them more accessible throughout the site to make it easier for you to create new groups or add new friends to them. Here's what's changed: when you add a new friend or accept a friend request, you can now select which group(s) you want to add them to. You can also modify these groups (rename them, remove them or add new ones) either when you add or accept a friend, or on the friend management page. And we've turned friendship levels into groups for you, so that you can send messages to all your best friends, or see all the friends on orkut that you haven't met offline yet.

These guys at orkut are surely working at their best to give us all improved orkuting and latest features to manage our friends and social networking, my sincere wishes and hats off to these guys... they rock :)

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