Upload Multiple Photos at Orkut

Orkut is the best social networking site on the net and they prove it again, to help the users in uploading photos they have launched a multiple photos uploader, which lets you upload 100 photos at a time, which is the maximum allowed at orkut...So if you would like to upload 20-25 photos at a time for one album its no problem at all buddy. This feature will not only help people to share their photos easily and fast it will also allow the tagging work easy!!! Here's how to add this feature in your account...
NOTE: This Feature Will Work Perfectly in Internet Explorer.
Step 1. You should go to any of your Album, You will now see something like thisJust Click on Upload Multiple Photos.

Step 2. It will take you to a page like this a pop up will appear and you should just click on install button, and after installing when you will click add images button you will see this screen. Congratulations my friend you are done...
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