Make your scrapbook Colorful orkut trick

Would you like to have your orkut links in sparkling different colors well you just have to do the following to get it.

  1. Open your Scrapbook
  2. Copy and Paste the following script in the Address Bar (Address Bar is where you type website addresses)
  3. and press enter thats it.

In case of any problem feel free to post it here....


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bharat said...

this site is really very helpful

meraj... said...

hi its not work pls help

Anonymous said...

thanx buddy
itz really very beautifull
Frnds try this out
it works...

Poushali said...

its not working in anyway :(

Shadab said...

its really not working

rahul said...

bhan ka loda kuch nahi hota madar chood

anoop mon said...

i cant acces in this way
dis played the problem is this

The content you're posting looks like spam, so it's being sent to the recipient's spam folder. Surprised? Keep your computer clean by running an anti-virus program. You can get one with the Google Pack.

Akshat said...

its not working

Satnam said...

plz tell me how to hack my friends orkut id
tell me at my id

riten said...

Dhur Kichue Hoena. Faltu... How to hack just tell me

BILAL said...

bhen ke land kuch nai hota

Anonymous said...

its not working ...

tanha said...

hello someone hacked ma account now whenever i put a java script it shows 'ur account is hacked !' so what i do now???and i wanna have a java script to hack his account or get his password plzzz help me......

Priya said...

pls tell me how to hack my bf orkut mail id is

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