Get gTalk in your Orkut Home Page

How would you like to access gTalk within your orkut Homepage in your browser like this
I would definitely love it, you can just open it in your orkut account just above the friends block and side by side answer your scrapbooks in new tab. It is a lot of fun, though it does not have all the features of gtalk such as scrapbook notification for new scraps, it still is a script which is worth trying. After installing it there will be link Show Gtalk, just click on it and sign in!


1. Firefox Browser ( If you don't have it you can download it from top downloads link above)

2. Greasemonkey Installed : You also need greasemonkey extension installed in your firefox browser. (Learn how to install Greasemonkey in Firefox)

Now we are all set Follow these simple instructions:

Click Here to install it . (thanks to Baldev for this script)

Thats it my friend.... You might also like to check out Designer Scraps Templates, Orkut Scrapbook Searcher, Yahoo Smilies in Orkut & Orkut Removed from Google homepage also.


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Anonymous said...

kewl mann....dis thng rox...!!!

anup said...

hey. this dosnt work for me,, the script dosnt run for me at all... hav firefox and gtreasemonkey.. pls help..