3 More scripts for Beautiful Orkut Scraps

1. Write your normal scrap in the scrap text box
2. dont submit yet, copy and paste the following in the address bar and press enter (address bar is where you type google.com or orkut.com)

For This: Want๑(•ิ.•ั)๑to๑(•ิ.•ั)๑write๑(•ิ.•ั)๑like๑(•ิ.•ั)๑this๑(•ิ.•ั)๑

For This:
H♠♣o♠♣w♠♣ ♠♣a♠♣b♠♣o♠♣u♠♣t♠♣ ♠♣t♠♣h♠♣i♠♣s♠♣ ♠♣o♠♣n♠e

For This:
And:¦: ♥ :¦:another:¦: ♥ :¦:awesome:¦: ♥ :¦:one:¦: ♥ :¦:

3. Now just click the Submit Button and voila here you go friend


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