Orkut added New Features Survey, Do Vote!

There is a poll going on at this orkut help page. You can participate in the poll and suggest new features which could make orkuting more enjoyable.

Here are some features suggested by orkut and demand your participation to finally implement them on orkut.

  • Display friends in alphabetical order
  • Allow more than 1000 friends
  • Allow only friends to view my scrapbook and send scraps - implemented
  • Display my communities in alphabetical order
  • Add ability to search for users in a community - implemented
  • Restrict the copy and paste function for photos
  • Allow only friends to view my album - implemented
  • Add a language to the list of languages
  • Add a religion to the list of religions
  • Allow me to change colors and layout of my profile
  • Add option to hide email address
  • Add blog features
  • Increase number of recent visitors shown - implemented
  • Keep profile out of search results

So, participate and spread a word, as it is likely that any of these features will be implemented only if considerable orkut audience will participate.

Click Here To Navigate To Suggestion/Poll Page

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