Orkut Calling All Spam Fighters in war against spam

Google is now taking spam more and more seriously, After enabling the privacy options in scrapbook, Orkut Forums and Scrapbook are now getting secured by faster Report Spam options. Earlier it use to take alot of time to report spam feature by actually going to the person's profile etc. now it is very easy..

(Official Orkut Blog)

While communities provide a great medium for people to come together and share ideas through forums, polls and events, lots of communities can be the target of spam. Until now, if you were not the community owner or moderator, you couldn't remove the spam if you saw it. Well that has changed. Now you will be able to click "report spam" to specific topics or items in communities that are spammy, even if you are not the community moderator or owner. This will help us take down spam faster and take the pressure off the community owners and moderators. You can also report spam on specific scraps that you see in your own scrapbook.

This feature would definately save time and will allow google to handle the scrap to all etc spam in a much better and faster way by making things easier on the users part...
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