Find Gmail contacts on Orkut

Well this is the new feature in orkut, and will be very useful if you have a friends or contacts on gmail but not on the can easily find them by using this feature.

How to use this Feature...
Just click Find and add them...

(Orkut Help Center) Can I find out which of my Gmail contacts use orkut?

If you use a Gmail address to log into orkut, a "find friends" module will appear on the left sidebar. The "find friends" feature imports your Gmail contact list and shows you which of your contacts are already on orkut. You can also invite any of these contacts to join orkut if they haven't yet.

To see which of your Gmail contacts already use orkut, follow these steps:

1. On the left side of the homepage, you'll see a "find friends" box; enter your Gmail username and click "find".
2. On the next screen, your Gmail contacts who are already orkut members but aren't in your friends list will be displayed.
3. Select people you'd like to add as friends on orkut and click "add selected friends".

If you don't want to add anyone on this list as an orkut friend, you can skip the first step and move on to sending new orkut invites.

To send orkut invitations to your Gmail contacts who aren't on orkut yet, follow these steps:
1. Select those contacts you'd like to invite.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter a word verification in the text box. (You can write a personal message in your invites at this time.)
3. Click "send invitations".

(Orkut Official Blog) One of the nice things about Gmail is that it adds the names of the people you have been in touch with over the years as contacts in your address book. Wouldn't it be nice if you could automatically find those contacts on orkut? We've started rolling out a new feature to do just that. If you use a gmail address to log into orkut, finding your friends is now just a click away. The find friends button on the homepage, friends page or friends list page gets you started on importing contacts. Your gmail address is already filled in, and since you've already logged into orkut, we don't have to ask for your Gmail password once again. We'll show you the contacts who are already on orkut, and let you choose which ones to add as friends. For contacts who aren't on orkut yet, we make it easy to choose the ones you want to invite to orkut. You can even add a personal message to send with the invite. Soon, we'll be adding support to import your contacts from other email accounts.


This feature is only available for your Gmail contact list. orkut doesn't import address books from other email servers at this time.

Your "find friends" feature will not appear if your orkut profile isn't linked to a Gmail account. You'll see an error if you try to access FindFriends.aspx directly.

Adding friends or sending new invites may be affected by daily limits. Try again tomorrow if you're not able to add everyone at once!


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