Orkut on Mobile in Brazil not in India

i know this is an old post but this is important. Orkut has offered mobile orkuting a year back but when will it give its Second largest user base which is India this feature of accessing orkut through mobile. Many people are waiting orkut to contact to any big player in market such as airtel, reliance, tata, vodaphone but lets see when it will be available. Hopefully it should come soon.

One year Ago , Official Orkut Blog posted that,

While orkut users love having an online social network, we understand that a good deal of your social life happens offline. We wanted orkut to enrich the offline social life of its members, so we thought we could either give you computers with really long cords or we could bring orkut to the device you carry around in your pocket: the mobile phone. Thus the idea for an orkut SMS service was born. With orkut's new SMS feature, you can scrap your friends, look up their contact information and receive scrap notifications. Now you can send scraps from the bus, bar or bathroom, and your friends can get notified of those scraps when on bicycle, beach or bed. Along with the standard orkut features, we've included a few hidden goodies for the adventurous to find. We hope to expand soon to other mobile service providers in Brazil and around the globe.

Lets hope for sms orkuting India also.


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