Templates for Posting Designer Scrap at Orkut

Would you like to post scrap in beautiful designer like these ones, and many more. I sure like to do this. Posting scrap like these will make your message important and more beautiful to read, as well as they make someone's scrapbook colorful too.

After installing this script it will look like this, you can use various templates like blink for blinking message, 5 different templates, and a link maker to make image or text links easily.
you just need to normally type your message and just click on blink, template1 and then post scrap thats it. you can try various templates first and see which one looks best for you. you can create a beautiful scrap with this and then copy its code and send it to all your friends using our Scrap All Script.

How to install this script in your orkut account. Follow these simple instructions.


1. Firefox Browser ( If you don't have it you can download it from top downloads link above)

2. Greasemonkey Installed : You also need greasemonkey extension installed in your firefox browser. (Learn how to install Greasemonkey in Firefox)

Now we are all set Follow these simple instructions:

Click Here to install it . (thanks to Bean for this script)

Thats it my friend.... You might also like to check out 5 Orkut Skins, Orkut Scrap Count & find gmail contacts on orkut also.


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