Orkut Scrap Count on all the pages

Well, i always wanted to keep a track of my scraps on all the pages, i just love to know the numbers so the scrap count on all the pages made my life easy to know how much scraps i do have. Praveen (Author ) has created an interesting greasemonkey script is needed to do this job. (Please note that Greasemonkey works best in Firefox, if you dont have firefox, you can download it from our top download links above and then see this article for How to install Greasemonkey in Firefox )
Well lets talk about what are the benefits of having this nice script.
You don't need to go to Home Page for checking your Scrap Count.
Any time a new scrap come you will automatically be notified (now orkut scrap alert do this job)

Its disadvantage not known to me at least till the time of the posting. If you feel there are some please comment about it. your comments are important to me so please comment about how you like this post.

Now here's how you can Use this Script.
1. You need Firefox and Greasemonkey for this script.
2. Download Greasemonkey From here if you don't have it and install it

3. Install the Script by Clicking Here ! (Learn about Common Errors which generally occurs when installing Greasemonkey Scripts)
4. Thats it enjoy now...

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