Script to Delete Entire Topic from a Community

Update(20/01/08): This script is not working anymore, Orkut has fixed it. If you have missed it kindly subscribe to us via email or reader so that you can get our updates as soon as they are posted here.
You can easily delete an entire topic from a community provided that you are the creator of the topic to do that

  1. Just open the topic which you want to delete
  2. Paste the following script in the Address Bar (Address Bar is where you type website addresses)
  3. and press enter thats it.

In case of any problem feel free to post it here....


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Ameya Gupte said...

the script is not working,in the address bar when i type the code it do nothing

Deepak Arora said...

You are absolutely right Ameya, This script is not working anymore, will try to get the working version and post it here as soon as i found it.

kiran said...

seriously frend im in vrymuch need of this script plz workout..waiting for the latest working script

Farhan said...

its not working..
as i seen in code..i guess some parameter is javascript i guess the topic id but m not sure.

Anoop SN said...

I wanted this script.
Do work for it guys.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!