Four Common Errors in Greasmonkey Installation

Friends Now that you have started using Orkut serious for fun, you must have installed Firefox and Greasemonkey till Now, if you have not you can download firefox and google tools from the top rated downloads above (they are must download for everyone who wants to enjoy orkut and want to use many hacks, tricks available here)

Alright since you have started using Greasemonkey some of you might have faced some errors but did not know how to handle them. Well some of the common errors that you might have faced or may be faced in future are:

Error: Error Installing User Script

What is the problem: GM script has corrupted your Addon
How to Rectify it: Create a new Profile in Firefox and then again starting everything from the scratch
How to Create a New Profile in Firefox:
Follow this Simple Procedure:
1. Right Click My computer and Open System Properties now go to advanced tab, Click on Environment Variable, In System Variable Click New. Type this information to each Text Box.

2. variable name: moz_no_remote (must be all small letter)

3. variable value: 1

4. Press Ok Button

5.Now Open firefox shortcut’s properties either from desktop or quick launch. Add extension -p to command line (like “c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe” -p). Press Ok Button

6. Create a new profile for firefox

7. Now Start Firefox, You can use this method for multiple orkut logins also if you want use different firefox profile for different id.

2. Error: This is a Greasemonkey user Script. Click Install to start using it.

What does it mean: even clicking on the install button doesn’t install the script

How to rectify it:
1. Check the Greasemonkey Addon Page on the Mozilla Firefox site. Chance are that you will get your answer there.
2. If you cant find a solution there, instead install this tested and tried version of GM.

3. Error: Windows Script Host

What does it mean: This error occurs when you have double clicked saved userscript version on computer hoping that it will install this way unfortunately it cannot be installed this way you have to install the userscript online only.

How to rectify it: Go to to install this script online.

4. Error: 503 Service Unavailable

What does it mean: Server where the script is hosted is down or it is under maintenance or pretty busy to handle your request now.

How to Rectify it: Be patient and try again later to install this script


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