5 Orkut Skins to Change the look of The Orkut

Well i am really bored with that blue skin of orkut and i would like to change it, i guess most of us really want to change it. well friends now we have a solution. Lets change our orkut skin to lets say pink, Verdi, Roxo 2, Preto, Facecut

It is the 50th post of orkut champ, so was thinking of posting something special for you friends, and this just pop in thanks to AAMIZ, Igor Thiago(author of the scripts).
Lets take a preview of all the skin one by one
So here's the pink

Well this is for all the girls out their, Girls just love pink so why not orkut be in that color, and you bro might like to install it in your girl friend's computer, she will love you for it.

Next skin is Verdi
Verdi is very different and odd looking skin it can change your orkut experience completely other than very different background that this skin has it is also have different scripts installed to make your orkut experience different.

Next is Roxo 2
Roxo 2 is pink colored text with dark background giving it a good look for both males and females, the skin is cool :)

Next is Preto
Preto has shining black background and brown color for text giving it a beautiful look with normal light blue color of orkut. what a masterpiece

Next is FaceCut
Facecut is orkut in white skin, well this one is my favorite and i will be using this one for my orkut skin for some time, thanks to the author for such a wonderful combination of blue, white and grey.

So you have chosen your skin, and ready to install, lets get it started then


1. Firefox Browser ( If you don't have it you can download it from top downloads link above)

2. Greasemonkey Installed : You also need greasemonkey extension installed in your firefox browser. (Learn how to install Greasemonkey in Firefox)

3. For Pink : Click Here to Install
For Verdi: Click Here to Install
For Roxo 2: Click Here to Install
For Preto: Click Here to Install
For Facecut: Click Here to Install
Thats it my friends, i m waiting for your comments :)


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mUr said...
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raj said...


m nt been able to apply black theme to my orkut..tellme the solution of it

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot,,,