Write your Scrap between small cute hearts

How nice it would look to send someone scrap like this specially to your special friends

** W **
** r **
** i **
** t **
** e **
** **
** L **
** i **
** k **
** e **
** **
** T **
** h **
** i **
** s **
you can do so by following these instructions:

1. Write your normal scrap in the scrap text box
2. dont submit yet, copy and paste the following in the address bar and press enter (address bar is where you type google.com or orkut.com)

3. Now click submit thats it my friend...


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shashank said...


Ejaz said...

ma ke lodo owlo bana rahe ho kameno

shivam said...

madarchode bahenkelaude tumlogo ki makochudu maiya ke laudo behen ke laude koi bhi script nhi chal rhi hai madar chode is site ke laude lagane waale hai

Anonymous said...

Bhenchod ek bhi script kaam ni kar rhi h sirf chodu bnate ho salo

Anonymous said...

bhen ke lode ho gandu kaunsi script batyai he kaam nahi kar rahi

Princess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.