Browse Orkut without Javascript Support - Be Safe

Ever thought how would orkuting will be possible without javascript support, you would be thinking what the hell Javascript add the functionality of sending scraps, opening albums etc, however the point to note is that many viruses in the browser are entered through javascript only so if you want to have a safer browsing or orkuting you have to turn javascript off in your browser but if you would turn it off the orkut site will not work properly.
This script also helps in protecting from google suspending your account on using orkut javascript hacks.
Now there is a solution to this problem there is a greasemonkey script with which you can

» send/delete scraps, messages, topics, events, polls;
» quick reply scraps;
» manage your community;
» report spam;
» accept/reject requests;
» accept/reject testimonials;
» add/delete users from lists;

... and much more, all this with the security of being navigating with disabled JavaScript.
The instructions for installing this script are:

1. This will require Firefox and GreaseMonkey! (New to GreaseMonkey?)
2. Download this script by clicking here.
3. A window will pop up just click on the install
4. Turn off your browser Javascript off, in firefox you can do this by Going to Tools>Options>Content Menu and uncheck the javascript option.

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